Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jonah, The Series


Chapter 1
v1  The Word of the LORD came …
v2  Go … Two thirds of God is go
·        Sent to cry out against
·        These were not idle threats but also not God’s intent to harm
·        Thank God He warns concerning impending judgment
v3  Jonah resisted and rebel against the will of God – he didn’t agree
·        Like Jonah, we often pay for, (fund), our sin/rebellion
·        Instead of arising to the call of God, Jonah went down into the ship and later down farther to the depths of the ocean
·        Imagined he could remove himself from God’s presence by going down
v4   The LORD sent out a great wind
·        God’s intent was never to destroy the ship or kill Jonah, but it did seem like that to many
v5  Fear drove the sailors do everything they could to save themselves
·        Meanwhile Jonah was sound asleep in the middle of the storm
·        Amazing to note that people, even those close to God, often experience a great and false sense of peace and security right in the midst of their rebellion. There has to be a better indicator than simply how we feel … or what we think is best. Oh, it’s the Word isn’t it …
v6  How can you sleep in a time like this
·        Arise! – Jonah received the very same word from the captain that he had heard from the Lord. (get up, get engaged, stand, get involved)
·        There was something strange, unusual and determined about this particular storm …
v7  The sailors felt remedy could only be found in a spiritual approach
·        God, who was superintending these events, overrode the pagan process of divination and the lot fell on Jonah
v8  Maybe these questions would have been better asked before they left
v9 Jonah begins his story
v10  Jonah told them his whole story … the simply asked: Why?
v11  What can we do … to you !!! ???  A reasonable question:
·        They knew somebody in this equation (in this boat) in this dilemma is going to have to please and appease God
·        Is there anything we can do to you to get you to please God? Jonah replied, nope, not even if you threw me overboard … I’d rather die than admit I was wrong. God’s not right on this one …
·        What to do to make God happy and we will because evidently things aren’t going to get any better till somebody starts pleasing God
v12  One of the reasons why Jonah could sleep so soundly
·        People in rebellion usually imagine they have little to lose and they are willing to risk everything that belongs to somebody else
·        He didn’t fear retribution or death, he had a false sense of security
·        The only way you are going to have any peace in this boat is for me to get out of it … but I’m not getting out on my own …
·        You’re gonna have to throw me out!
v13  Good men don’t like to hurt people or to imagine the worst
·        Those sailors tried everything but nothing was working
·        Jonah knew he was the problem, and he was honest, but honestly he didn’t care anything for those men, their families, their stuff or their lives. Jonah confessed but wouldn’t change
·        Jonah would have sat there, or slept there, and let the boat sink and the men perish.
·        Jonah was a gutless wonder – an honest man, but gutless …
v14  Sometimes we recognize the fact that God has left us no choice
v15  So they got rid of Jonah by force
·        It is reasonable to at least consider that maybe Jonah didn’t really think those good ole boys would do it …
·        After all, throwing people off a boat, even in the middle of a storm, is against the law … everybody’s law
·        This was a fare paying passenger who had definite maritime rights, one of which is not to be thrown overboard by the crew.
·        Jonah tells the story later but do you think anybody else ever told that story? Surely they concocted some other story of what happened and how one of their passengers strangely went missing at sea …
·        at any rate … the storm ceased
v16  Those sailors converted, offered a sacrifice to God and made promises

v17  You will never catch God unprepared for what you will do or are doing